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With the increasing cases of cyber attacks & security breaches and for the safe side all you require is an SSL Certificate to secure your connections. Do not wait until it is too late!
Start planning on encrypting your website with an SSL Certificate.

Get a trusted SSL certificate

Gain customer confidence

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SSL is a protocol for web servers and web browsers that make sure that data is private which is passed between the two. This is done by using an encrypted link that connects the server and web browser. Websites with an SSL certificate will thus appear as HTTPS instead of HTTP. Online security has now become a key necessity for any website. The reason is because of increasing number of cyber breaches and insecurities that has left most websites in destructive situations. Google wants to correct this trend and considers HTTPs as an important ranking factor for a website. HTTPs is a crucial technique that protects the user from content spoofing. It plays the role of encrypting all data files and information that are sent between the servers and website’s visitors. If any malicious activity aims to intercept the data files in the course of data transfer, then the data files will remain unreadable due to the encryption attached to them. So, the information cannot be altered or stolen because of the encryption provided by SSL certificates.


SSL Protects Customer Data

In the highly-competitive market, customer data is precious for the organization. Hence the organization can’t compromise in term of customer’s data security. SSL Certificate secures the data which is in transit between web server and web browser. SSL helps in protecting the data from hackers by turning them into the undecipherable format.



SSL Boost Website’s SEO Ranking

As Google is constantly making algorithm updates and in 2014 Google announced HTTPS as ranking signal for a website. Deploying an SSL Certificate on to your website to make your site secure and the web browsers will show trust indicator (Pad Lock) in the address bar. Such a trust indicator will increase your website traffic and indeed SEO ranking.


SSL Protects From Phishing & Cyber Attacks

Nowadays the internet users are increasing, thus there is an increase of attacks such as Phishing, MITM attacks, etc. Securing your website is must and the simple way to stay away from any unknown attacks on the website is to have an SSL Certificate.

Since phishing involves cloning of a website or a webpage, it is almost impossible to have an SSL certified cloned website. This is an added advantage of getting an SSL certificate on your site. EV SSL Certificate is the best certificate for securing the websites from such kind of attacks.



SSL Helps In Regulatory Compliances

To follow the Payments Card Industry compliance norms, an online business must have an SSL certificate with proper encryption. The PCI standards also made it mandatory to acquire the SSL certificate from a trusted source. As per their guidelines, a website must use the right strength of encryption for making it able for having online payment transactions. These guidelines made compulsory for the website to provide a private connection on any page that requires customers to enter personal information.